International helicopter skiing


In 2002 our team formed Powderbird International and set off to Greenland for our first exploratory helicopter skiing expedition. Upon our arrival, we discovered a land with near infinite skiing possibilities and set about building an operation to meet the professional standards of Powderbird. Powderbird has continued to expand our international operations with trips in Greenland, South America and beyond.

greenland helicopter skiing

Most of Greenland lies below 1000 meters of ice, around its edges the icecap spills down into thousands of glaciers, sculpting out fjords and rugged mountain ranges. It is here, where the glaciers clash with the North Atlantic, that we are blessed with some of the most scenic and coveted ski terrain on the globe.

explorer yacht expeditions

A Class I Rated Icebreaker, Legend is a yacht designed to meet the challenges of operating in an environment like Greenland. Fitted with a helideck and fuel system, it is perfectly suited to support our helicopter skiing operations. It can not only withstand the harsh environment of the arctic, it can also provide an extremely luxurious and comfortable experience onboard. Legend is staffed with a highly professional crew, experienced in voyages to the arctic and trained in providing 5-star hospitality.
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argentina helicopter skiing

The central Andes of Argentina offers skiers numerous opportunities for first descents and long vertical runs in one of the world's most vast and dramatic mountain ranges. The towering alpine peaks, volcanoes, and deep valleys make the Andes one of the world's great mountain ranges, and Powderbird's top destination for helicopter skiing south of the equator.