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We ski every day - guaranteed

storm day skiing is too good to pass up

Purchase your helicopter skiing experience with peace of mind knowing Powderbird aims to take our guests skiing every single day. Sometimes, however, weather or other circumstances do not permit flying and skiing in the backcountry. We offer other exclusive ski experiences for these weather days.


For day products, we require a non-refundable deposit to secure a reservation. Sometimes weather inhibits us from flying. These weather days are typically snowy days that provide excellent skiing. If we are unable to fly due to weather, guests have the option to partake in an alternative ski experience. The deposit will cover an all-inclusive guided in-resort ski day with Powderbird at Snowbird with line-cutting privileges.

Single day deposit: $400
Private deposit:

Please note, reservations made through the Powderbird website will require full payment to be collected at the time of booking and online bookings will incur an online booking fee. The online booking fee is non-refundable. To avoid paying the online booking fees, please call our main line to book at 801-742-2800.

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When we cannot fly due to weather or safety concerns, guests can choose from the following options.
Guided resort skiing at Snowbird with line cutting privileges at no additional cost.
Ski Touring at no additional cost.

weather-day options

Powderbird offers registered guests a variety of exclusive mountain experiences for days when we cannot fly due to weather or safety concerns.

Guided skiing and line cutting privileges at Snowbird
Enjoy a warm breakfast at the Heliport, receive a Snowbird lift ticket, and ski-out of the Heliport with your guide and group. Ski 3000 vert from the Tram, and access the hidden gems of Snowbird. Ski-in to the Heliport for a warm meal and drinks whenever you please. Rejuvenate from the day at The Cliff spa. All for no additional fee.

Guided Backcountry Ski Tour
Enjoy a warm breakfast at the Heliport and head into private backcountry property adjacent to Snowbird resort for a guided ski tour seeking out fresh tracks. Head back to the Heliport for a warm meal and drinks. Rejuvenate from the day at The Cliff Spa.

Registered guests also receive:
Free parking at the heliport
Breakfast & aprés ski lunch & drinks at the heliport
Complementary access to
K2 Skis
Access to
heliport lounge & Cliff Spa at Snowbird

For multi-day packages, Powderbird will collect full payment at the time of booking. In the event weather or other circumstances do not permit flying and skiing in the backcountry guests will receive a refund of $170 per flight they did not receive. Read more about the number of guaranteed flights in your desired package duration here.

Additional runs & flight time

Single Day: An additional $200 per person will be charged for each additional run taken.
Private: Any additional flight time above the initial 2 hours of prepaid flight time will be billed at a rate of $6,000 per additional flight hour, billable by the 10th of an hour.


Any cancellation by the guest within the 30 day window of the reservation will result in a loss of the deposit. Any cancellation within 7 days of the reservation will result in a loss of the full price of your trip.

COVID-19 Refund Guarantee

Book confidently with our Covid-19 Refund Guarantee. If Powderbird cancels a trip due to a COVID-19 travel restriction, you will receive a full refund.

weather shortened days

-On days delayed by weather, you will be required to remain available to participate until noon or be subject to cancellation fees.
-On weather shortened days, you will be charged for actual flights taken or flight time received.

weight policy

It is very important that we have accurate client weights in the helicopter and you will be weighed in on your ski day. Please be accurate because if your weight differs significantly from the weight you give us you may be declined participation yet still be responsible for the price of the seat.

Sometimes the total weight of a group may preclude group members from flying together in the same load. Although every member of your group may not fly together we will make every effort to allow you to ski together.

Groups comprised of all large individuals and individuals over 230 pounds may not be able to be sufficiently paired and should be prepared to pay for all or a portion of an additional seat.


If you are unable to keep up with the group or pose a risk to yourself or others, we may elect to fly you in from the backcountry. In this event you will be charged the full cost of the day plus the cost of the fly-in.