backcountry skiing & Snowboarding

Backcountry skiing & snowboarding is skiing outside of the boundaries of a resort in unmarked and uncontrolled terrain. Skiing in the backcountry presents a broader array of snow conditions and terrain options than skiing in-bounds at a ski resort but includes different hazards.

how to access the backcountry

Backcountry skiing & riding is primarily accessed through ski lifts, ski-touring, ski cats, and helicopters. Each option presents different levels of access and advantages. We find that using helicopters to access remote backcountry terrain is the most effective and exciting way to travel through the mountains.

backcountry skiing & riding advantages

Skiing & riding in the backcountry has many advantages that skiers and snowboarders seek out. Some of the benefits are escaping the crowds, accessing more terrain that varies between steep high alpine, moderate angle tree run, and open bowls with longer runs, and finding untracked snow and powder. Not to mention the sense of adventure that comes along with traveling in the mountains.

risks of riding & skiing in the backcountry

Traveling through the mountains and skiing/riding in the backcountry presents hazards. One risk of the backcountry is the snowpack is unmitigated, and avalanches can occur due to unstable snowpack conditions. This requires users to carry avalanche safety equipment such as beacons, shovels, probes, and float avalanche backpacks. It's also pertinent that skiers & riders approach the backcountry with a more conservative mindset than in-bounds at the resort and have proper knowledge of the snowpack, surrounding terrain, and procedures or utilize a guide service.

backcountry Guide services

We recommend utilizing a guide service when traveling and skiing/riding in the backcountry whenever possible. Guides help direct the decision-making process and have a keen knowledge of the backcountry hazards and how to reduce exposure to the risks. Additionally, guides often know the best areas to go to and find the best ski & riding conditions.

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