Greenland helicopter skiing

the new last frontier

Since 2002, Powderbird has been traveling to Greenland to explore the seeming endless helicopter skiing opportunities. From its towering peaks to its sprawling glaciers and beautiful fjords, Greenland is a place that challenges one's sense of scale. Traveling by both boat and helicopter, our team has helped pioneer some of the most awe inspiring ski terrain in the world.

Working with the highly experienced ski guides and professionals in the aviation and marine industries, we have developed a world class operation. Today the adventure continues, as we explore further into the vast wilderness. We invite you to join us and share in the adventure.

cold snow from summit to sea

This ski experience is like no other. In Greenland the mountains and sea are intertwined, existing side by side. Here you can ski from the mountain tops all the way to the sea. Conditions exist here that all skiers dream of but only a lucky few get to experience. Greenland offers big vertical, long days filled with brilliant sunshine and beautiful blue skies, and 'Polar Powder' laying in abundance on untouched slopes.

hotel maniitsoq

Whether you are traveling alone or with a larger group of friends, Powderbird’s Hotel Maniitsoq week offers the perfect balance of comfort and adventure. From steep couloir's to wide open glaciers, Greenland helicopter skiing offers a variety of terrain to meet the skills and desires of our guests.

During your stay at Hotel Maniitsoq, your food will be meticulously prepared and presented in a blended style of Danish and Greenland native dishes that include meals made from local fish and seafood, steak, musk ox, reindeer as well as traditional European dishes. When not skiing, guest have the opportunity to checkout the beautiful village of Maniitsoq and experience the warm culture of Greenland. At the end of your ski day, enjoy an après-ski celebration at the hotels ocean view bar and restaurant.

safety & security

Our guides have decades of experience with helicopter skiing operations. We are trained avalanche professionals and skilled in emergency first aid and mountain search and rescue techniques. Our guests are issued an avalanche airbag, a beacon, radio, and a shovel and probe. We provide orientations on how to use this equipment, on procedures around the helicopter, and procedures for skiing in the backcountry.

Two guides work together at all times while in the backcountry, with no more than 4 clients per 1 guide. The guides and pilot will work together closely to manage the inherent risks associated with helicopter skiing. We develop a rescue plan specifically for your trip. So we are prepared to respond in the event an accident were to occur.