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helicopter skiing

For twenty years, Powderbird has offered access to Greenland's polar powder.
We have a variety of hotel and ship based trips that you can join for you to experience
one of Powderbird's favorite heli-ski venues in the world.

the new last frontier

Since 2002, Powderbird has been traveling to Greenland to explore the seemingly endless helicopter skiing opportunities. From its towering peaks to its sprawling glaciers and beautiful fjords, Greenland is a place that challenges one's sense of scale. Traveling by boat, helicopter & skis, during this trip you will adventure through world's most awe-inspiring ski terrain.

Working with highly experienced ski guides and professionals in the aviation and marine industries, we have developed a world-class operation. Today the adventure continues as we explore further into the vast wilderness. We invite you to join us and share in the adventure.

cold snow from summit to sea

This ski experience is like no other. In Greenland, the mountains and sea are intertwined, existing side by side. Here you can ski from the mountain tops all the way to the beach. Conditions here vary from polar powder laying in abundance on untouched slopes to exquisite corn snow. Greenland in April offers big vertical, long days filled with brilliant sunshine and beautiful blue skies.
trip options
  • 12-hours flight time
  • 8-guests & 2-guides
  • 3-meals a day
  • Avalanche safety gear
  • Transportation to and from the airport

hotel maniitsoq

Whether traveling alone or with a larger group of friends, Powderbird's Hotel Maniitsoq week offers the perfect balance of comfort and adventure.

During your stay at Hotel Maniitsoq, your food will be meticulously prepared and presented in a blended style of Danish and Greenland native dishes that include meals made from local fish and seafood, steak, musk ox, reindeer as well as traditional European dishes. When not skiing, guests have the opportunity to check out the beautiful village of Maniitsoq and experience the warm culture of Greenland. At the end of your ski day, enjoy an après-ski celebration at the hotel's ocean-view bar and restaurant.

ship tulu

Ship Tulu provides a practical level of comfort and unmatched capability through the fjords of Greenland while providing the unique experience of repositioning each night to discover more terrain.
The ship is equipped with 8 single rooms, 4 bathrooms, dining room, and a large outdoor deck to take full advantage of the incredibly scenic surrounding sea and landscapes. The captain of Tulu and your guides have over a decade of experience sailing and skiing in this area.

safety & security

Our guides have decades of experience with helicopter skiing operations, and nearly twenty years operating in Greenland. We are trained avalanche professionals and skilled in emergency first aid and mountain search and rescue techniques. Our guests are issued an avalanche airbag, a beacon, radio, and a shovel and probe. We provide orientations on how to use this equipment, procedures around the helicopter, and procedures for skiing in the backcountry.

Two guides work together at all times while in the backcountry, with no more than 4 clients per 1 guide. The guides and pilot will work together closely to manage the inherent risks associated with helicopter skiing. We develop a rescue plan specifically for your trip. So we are prepared to respond in the event an accident is to occur.
traveling to Siglufjörður

remote, yet accessible

Traveling to Iceland is quick and convenient with many non-stop flights to Reykjavik from major cities such as New York City and London.

From Reykjavik you will take a short 1-hour domestic flight to Akureyri, where the Powderbird tell will greet you and take you on a quick scenic tour into Siglufjörður. Those who fly private can arrive directly in Akureyri. Those who fly private can fly directly to Akureyri.

For the ultimate connivence and the most scenic experience, helicopter transportation from Ryekjavik or Akureyri  Airport directly to Siglufjörður is available.

Guide tip: Our team can arrange an extra few days stay in Reykjavik to further explore the surrounding city and unique surrounding terrain. The Blue Lagoon is a great way to start or end your heli-skiing adventure.

explore the troll peninsula

iceland's skiing paradise

The Troll Peninsula (Tröllaskagi) between Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður is a skier's dream. The mountain landscapes and fjords have been shaped by ice ages and glaciers receding and surging forward with changing climate conditions. These have created a myriad of deep valleys and recesses where the snow stays far into the early summer.

Peaks over 1000 meters are typical and provide long slopes and endless runs. Often, the mountains tumble directly into the sea, and one can ski all the way from the summit and to the shoreline to breathe in a bit of sea air before embarking on another run.

The Troll Peninsula is a heavy snow area and offers endless opportunities for the quest for the best ski route. The ski period, starting in February, lasts far into the early summer, so avid skiers can experience the unique sensation that comes with golden skiing slopes in the early evening sunshine.

explore Siglufjörður

the village 66° north

Iceland’s northenmost town, Siglufjörður, is a historic fishing town who’s fame and fortune has always been linked to the ebb and flow of the fishing industry. A tiny shark fishing village in 1900, Siglufjörður soon became one of the largest towns in Iceland. Often called Siglo, the town sits at the heart of the narrow fjord, beneath towering mountains.

The town has a number of museums and galleries, the most famous of which is the award-winning Herring Era Museum—the perfect place to immerse in Sigló’s fascinating past.

A mere 24 nautical miles from the Arctic, the once isolated fjord is now easy to reach, with newly opened road tunnels connecting it to the rest of the ‘Troll Peninsula’s Arctic Bow’. Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest town, is only an hour’s drive away and local residents and entrepreneurs have worked to transform Sigló back into a romantic destination, rich with historical and cultural interest.

explore iceland beyond heli-skiing

explore iceland with additional activities

Continue the adventure and extend your time in Iceland with additional experiences and activities. Powderbird’s team of experts can arrange additional activities so you can further explore the unique and awe-inspiring landscape of Iceland.

- Fishing & Fly-fishing
- Sea kayaking through the Fjords
- City stay in Reykjavik
- Scenic tours of unique volcanic terrain
- 4x4 tours
- Whale watching
- Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon
- IPA baths—because soaking in beer keeps you looking young

booking request
Let us know how many skiers/riders in your group, preferred trip week, and we will get in touch with a personalized quote and guide you through the booking process.