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Join Powderbird as we claim first descents in Argentina's most coveted ski terrain.

where Skiing meets discovery

Located deep in the Central Andes Mountain Range is some of Argentina's best ski terrain, very few know about. The El Azufre valley hosts volcanos and peaks of 10-13,000 feet that receive 450" + of snow annually.

Ski runs over 5,000 vertical feet to the El Azufre lodge. During your stay in the El Azufre Lodge you will enjoy locally grown food and the country's best Malbecs.

Onsite, Powderbird's dedicated aviation and guide team will take you into the mountains via helicopter, or,  snow-cat during inclement weather.

first descents
in the Southern hemisphere

Created by Powderbird and a team of local experts in farm-to-table gastronomy and exquisite hospitality, this Argentine ski adventure features world-class skiing in virtually unlimited privately-owned terrain, and a warm off-snow experience.

The trip is based at El Azufre, the planned location of the worlds first fully sustainable ski resort, which will be your home for your six day ski adventure.

Each day you will explore the surrounding terrain via helicopter and ski first descents of up to 5,200 vertical feet.
  • 6-DAYS & 7-NIGHTS
  • 6 days of helicopter SKIING & riding
  • 8 guests & 2 guides
  • 1-2 People | $20,000 PER PERSON
  • 3-5 People | $19,000 PER PERSON
  • 6-7 People | $18,000 PER PERSON
  • Private full lodge (Max 12) | $160,000
  • Accommodations at el azufre
  • 6 days of helicopter skiing & riding
  • dedicated on site snow cat for weather days
  • Transportation to and from the medonza airport
  • JULY 15 - july 22
  • JULY 22 - july 29
    Only one spot left
  • JULY 29 - AUGUST 5
  • AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 19
  • AUGUST 19 - AUGUST 26
  • AUGUST 26 - september 2
  • september 2 - September 9
  • september 9 - September 16

El Azufre

Located in the Central Andes of the province of Mendoza, El Azufre is the world’s first 100% sustainable ski resort and mountain town.

The newly developed base area includes El Azure Lodge, your accommodations for the week, and two lodges for the guide team and staff. The luxury, newly constructed El Azufre lodge features a large open-floor common space for lounging, socializing, and dining, and 6 bedrooms that each have their own private bathroom and can be configured with two single beds or one queen bed.

El Azufre is a 30-minute heli-flight from Las Termas de Los Molles and located 25 miles south west from Las Lenas.
traveling to el azufre

getting there

The trip begins with a meeting point in Mendoza. Clients flying commercial can fly international to the Mendoza airport and the Powderbird team will pick you up for a very scenic 4-hr drive to El Azufre.

Clients flying private can fly directly to the Malargue airport, where the Powderbird team will greet you. From this point, you can enjoy a quick 35-minute helicopter flight to El Azufres.

From Las Termas de Los Molles, you will enjoy a scenic 30-minute helicopter flight through the Andes to El Azufre.

explore Siglufjörður

Argentina heliskiing

Iceland’s northenmost town, Siglufjörður, is a historic fishing town who’s fame and fortune has always been linked to the ebb and flow of the fishing industry. A tiny shark fishing village in 1900, Siglufjörður soon became one of the largest towns in Iceland. Often called Siglo, the town sits at the heart of the narrow fjord, beneath towering mountains.

The town has a number of museums and galleries, the most famous of which is the award-winning Herring Era Museum—the perfect place to immerse in Sigló’s fascinating past.

A mere 24 nautical miles from the Arctic, the once isolated fjord is now easy to reach, with newly opened road tunnels connecting it to the rest of the ‘Troll Peninsula’s Arctic Bow’. Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest town, is only an hour’s drive away and local residents and entrepreneurs have worked to transform Sigló back into a romantic destination, rich with historical and cultural interest.

safety is number one priority


Powderbird's goal above all else is to provide unique, memorable ski experiences in the safest way possible. While not all risks in helicopter skiing can be eliminated, there is a lot that can be done to help mitigate the risks involved. For the past 50 years of helicopter skiing in Utah, Powderbird has helped shape the industry standards for safety.

  • Secondary helicopter on local standby for safety measures and support.
  • Powderbird has 50 year’s experience of operating helicopter skiing in Utah, and 25 years of international helicopter skiing experience.
  • Powderbird has been skiing in Argentina since 2008.
  • Operational protocols and safety measures modeled after Utah operation and Heliski US guidelines.
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