Los Termas De Los Molles

Los Molles, Argentina
The central Andes of Argentina offers skiers numerous opportunities for first descents and long vertical runs in one of the world's most vast and dramatic mountain ranges. The towering alpine peaks, volcanoes, and deep valleys make the Andes one of the world's great mountain ranges and Powderbird's top destination for helicopter skiing south of the equator. During the week you will enjoy the privacy of and comfort of Las Termas De Los Molles. Meals are prepared with farm-fresh ingredients and cooked using local techniques including wood-fired Asado. Paired with locally produced Malbec these meals are a highlight of the experience. Indulge in the lodges natural hot springs, rich with many different mineral components making these springs the perferct rejuvenating end to your day of skiing.
$13,500.00 Per Person
Number of Runs
6 Days, 7 Nights
Los Molles, Argentina
Group Size
8 Skiers
Number of guides
2 Guides
Safety equipment provided
Avalanche safety gear including airbag, beacon, shovel, & probe
Flight Time Included
Lodging & Meals
Includes Lodging & Gourmet Meals at Los Termas De Los Molles
August - September
client to guide ratio
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