Flex Pass

for the storm chaser

The Flex Pass is an upgraded approach to accessing the best skiing in Utah. Period. By pre-purchasing your heli-skiing days, you are saving money while gaining access to all Powderbird amenities during the operating season. On days we cannot operate for helicopter skiing Flex Pass members will receive a 100% credit back to the pass. Fully transferable, this pass allows you to share with family and friends.

how does it work?

Select between a 3-day, 6-day, or 9-day Flex Pass to receive to save on each day of heli-skiing you plan to do within the current season. When you are ready to use a day, call or book online and the rest is powder skiing. If we are unable to operate on your reserved day due to weather, you will receive 100% credit back to your pass.
$1,500 PER DAY
$1,400 PER DAY
$1,300 PER DAY
stay in the snow.